Investment Philosophy

Our Beliefs about Investing

The Union Financial Philosophy for Disciplined, Long-Term Investors

Long-term investing is a journey filled with perpetual hurdles, cognitive mistakes, nuances, hard analysis and constant change. It’s both a science and an art, with a rich history of brilliant ideas that have shaped the past and will influence the future. When it comes to investing, knowing what you believe helps to illuminate the path before you more clearly and supports the essential conviction that guides your ability to meet long-term investment goals. Before beginning any journey; before committing any of your money, wealth or time; before taking action that will change your life, know what you believe. A solid foundation will help you possess the clarity you need to persevere in your journey, your investment plan and your promises. Union Financial is committed to this philosophy as a journey of discovery and intelligence. It supports our purpose to help the clients of our partner wealth management firms honor the important promises they make and enable intentional living.

  1. Intellectual rigor, discipline, patience and faith in the future matter.
  2. Diversification, asset allocation and efficiency are separate and distinct concepts.
  3. Asset allocation matters more than product selection.
  4. Disciplined and automated rebalancing improves results.
  5. Minimizing losses improves the compounding power of wealth.
  6. Investing in stocks has rewarded investors over the long term.
  7. Emotions influence investor behavior.
  8. Market timing does not work over the long term.
  9. Predicting the future is fraught with great uncertainty.
  10. Skillful managers can be identified.
  11. Listening and advice are the most critical factors when guiding investors.

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How Much Do You Know About Investing?

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