Our Mission Statement

Our commitment and mission at Union Financial Advisors is to help our clients design, implement, and monitor a complete wealthcare plan that helps to define and achieve their financial goals and dreams.  We will strive to use a process that provides the clarity and confidence necessary for our clients to make wise financial decisions, while honoring the values important to them and the commitments they have made to others. The desired result of our client experience is to create the peace of mind that can only come from knowing they have prudently planned for their financial future.  





The revolving globe in the Union Financial Advisors logo represents the constantly changing nature of financial planning and wealth care services.  The ten grid lines inside the logo represent our commitment to serving our clients in all ten areas of wealth care services, referred to as Method 10™ .  Lastly, the arrow in our logo represents our commitment to helping our clients achieve their financial goals and “live their dreams!”.